Ek Tuhi Society

Compassion towards mankind is the very essence of the teachings of Guru Maharaj in helping all other races and religions irrespective of caste or colour. Sharing, Earning and "ਵੰਡ ਕੇ ਛਕਣਾ" is very important part of our life because we are children of the same father. We should feel pleasure in sharing our earnings with the needy. People share with the needy do not oblige them or do any favour to them, but are just doing their duty which is expected of them. The only giver in the world is waheguru ji. How can we give anything as a donation. When we are mere custodians of gifts to given to us by them? Punjab is our mother land Guru Maharaj blessed us that we all are part of it and if we are part of it then its our duty to take care of mother land brothers and sisters. Living guru Guru Granth sahib ji maharaj gives us guide lines every moment of life its also a part of its command to save this holy land which with love and care. We have to take care punjab's rural youth out of rut of big drawback of punjab rural youth. We have still to make thousand of schools, colleges and universities which also teach moral values of sacrifies of real heroes of panth. In this expensive world, how can our brothers can give good education and medical support with merely 3-4 thousand of earning. Guru Maharaj built gurudwaras to shape us spiritually, strong and a fine human beings with honest earnings. But now gurudwaras main motive is changed . We should use our daswant not only for offering gold, carpets and rumala sahib etc etc. We should contribute in medical aid, quality education and support to needy families and farmers. Farmers commit suicide due to circumstances, natural disasters and high rate of interests. Environment is in danger, trees are removed with fast swing and agriculture lands converted into buildings. Water level is going towards the bottom. Its our moral duties to control and put some efforts to maintain it otherwise within 20 years or so punjab will turn to desert. It is topic of worry and we have to work collectively very hard. To save our land_ "ਗੁਰੂਆਂ ਦੀ ਧਰਤੀ" with full dedication and unity. Guru Maharaj created khalsa as a saviour to humanity and accept his bachan's with esteem its need of hour to join our hands together and work hard. Whole heartedly.
Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.

What Inspired us

Ek Tuhi Charitable Society is based upon the Sikh principles of "Vand kay chhako"(share what you have and consume it together as a community) and "Sarbat da bhalla"(working towards the "common good of all")

One who performs Selfless Service,without thought of reward,shall attain his Lord and Master."(SGGS p 286)

In the midst of this world,do seva,and you shall be given a place of honor in the Court of the Lord."(SGGS p 26)

Do Seva,follow the Guru's Teachings,and vibrate on the Lord's Name,Har,Har."(SGGS p 176)

Guru Sahib encourge us to develop our bonding with Waheguru ji through humanitarian service in every way possible. For us this means reaching out to serve and uplift all of humanity as expression or devotion to the Creator.


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